Queen's counsel XII

August 2002

At the end of a busy year at Queen's comes rest - we are encouraged to think of that in the same way as God's rest and quiet reflection on all that he had achieved through the previous six days of creation. I have come to regard times living in the Abbey on Iona, usually only for a week, as such a time of rest and renewal for returning and engaging with the world on a new level. Sunday worship can provide us all with the same opportunity.

I have been surprised how much of our worship in our beautiful chapel at Queen's College has been inspired by words and liturgies from the Iona Community - I have led an evening worship there myself using the daily form that members use and others have borrowed freely from the tradition. We also sometimes use "Common Ground", a song book for all the churches, which was compiled by a Scottish ecumenical committee including John Bell of the Iona Community's Wild Goose Worship Group but representing the Church of Scotland.

Instead of Evensong on 4th August at St.Nicholas, we are having an Iona style worship so please come along if you would like to sample a different evening liturgy (but mostly with traditional hymns) and let me know which parts speak to you particularly. It occurs to me that it would also be good to collect other forms of worship that people have encountered during their summer holidays - let me know about those and your reactions to them too if you wish.

On 6th August, you may like to remember Hiroshima Day with words that Helen Steven, one-time peace worker of the Iona Community, wrote

God, today in sorrow,
we remember and we share our grief.

The few seconds of annihilating time at Hiroshima and Nagasaki that seared itself forever into the depths of our present existence.
Those who died, those who wish they had died and those who live never to forget:
We know that nothing can separate us from your love. We pray for your love to enfold us in comfort
Your love to share our agony
Your love to inspire us to love one another
Your love to live in hope

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