Faith at Work XXII

May 2006

There are quite a few companies at the Science Park who are engaged to promote the market presence of their clients.  The intention is to enable the products and the name of the brand to be recognised that much more easily.  They do this in a variety of ways, with publicity material for the local market, web design for the wider audience and an integrated approach to business.  They use words from the faith context such as vision and mission statements and they read well.  The proof of the pudding is in whether they deliver what they promise, but the first objective of the effort is to present themselves in a favourable light to their potential customers.

The second objective of any organisation is to match their products to what they claim in their promotional methods.  That is much harder to do than the initial advertising thrust and the relative timing of the words with the action is critically important.  Say too much too soon without a fully tested product to back it up and the best of intentions falls rather flat.  Conversely the best product in the world will fail if it is not well known about.  Jesus declared to his disciples in his famous “sermon on the mount” [Matthew chapters 5 to 7] that they are the light of the world.  He follows that up with a verse that is quoted every Sunday in our early communion service: “let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven”.

The month of May brings us to Christian Aid Week (14-20 May this year) and it would be good to be seen as the light in Bilbrook and Codsall, giving people the chance to support Christian Aid’s good intentions.  On Easter Eve we celebrate the lighting of the New Fire and think about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Christian Aid have been using that in their publicity by turning that idea around and declaring that they believe in “life before death” knowing that there are many in the world who are absolutely destitute (destitute plus is a classification in use for those who can only survive in our society with significant help).

This year, Christian Aid is bringing in a new strap line: “you add, we multiply”.  Please look out for the publicity and offer to do a little bit - add your time, money or voice, and see it multiplied to make an impact around the world.  They offer a prayer that links with our weekly communion:

Ever-loving God,
may we, the people of the bread,
live for a world in which no one hungers;
may we, the people of the vine,
live for a world in which no one is excluded;
and may all who have shared in the body and blood
of your Son love our brothers and sisters
rejoicing to know that you loved us first.

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