Faith at Work XXXI

February 2007

Several companies that are based at the Science Park are concerned with recycling and with the quality of our natural resources.  One takes a regular stream of water samples and checks out their chemical content and makes sure that they stay within statutory limits and another guides the use of our landfill sites.  It seems to me that it is too easy to collect things without having a clear idea about what to do when they have passed their usefulness or their “sell-by” date.  In today’s consumer society, it is even more worth spending time than in the past making sure that we are accountable for the things we use.

There are two examples of recycling that occur during this time in the church’s year.  When we come to the end of the Christmas (and Epiphany) season on the 2nd February, we hold the festival of Candlemas.  Not only is it the time when we gather together all the candle stubs and melt them down to start again, but the earth begins to stir again and move away from the grip of winter as the days lengthen into spring.  This return of the light has been associated with the blessing of new candles and the planning of the year ahead; we hope for new beginnings at St.Nicholas as we explore who may be appointed to be our new vicar later in the year.  The process is well underway but its outcome deserves our thoughtful prayer.

The second example is the tradition of burning the palm crosses from the previous year to generate the ash that in some churches is used to mark our foreheads on Ash Wednesday.  Not only does this signify the beginning of another penitential season of Lent but it also helps us remember the cyclic nature of life.  Fruit has grown, become ripe and fallen, broken down and provided the nutrients for its seeds to grow into new plants.  In similar manner, we ourselves have been nurtured in our families, grown up, moved on and started new families of our own and we need to recognise the stage we are at.

Forgive in us what has gone wrong,
Repair in us what is wasted,
Reveal in us what is good,
And nourish us with better food
than we could ever purchase:
your word, your love, your inspiration,
your daily bread for our life’s journey,
in the company of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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