Faith at Work XXXV

June 2007

As we enter the space in the Church’s Year known as ordinary time, we leave behind the birth of Jesus at Christmas, his death and resurrection at Easter, his Ascension into heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit to his disciples at Pentecost, or Whit Sunday as it used to be called; all holy days marking out the life of Jesus.  We are left where we are, in the space between his leaving us at the Ascension and his return in Judgement at the end of time.  He is no longer with us physically – instead we need to be open to his Holy Spirit inspiring us to become most fully ourselves.  We need to be open to the ministry of others responding to the same source.

Just as working folk are given opportunities to be away from the everyday pressures to extend their knowledge and abilities, so the clergy of the Lichfield Diocese meet together every two years to reflect on their lives and to be restored for continued service.  This year the theme of our conference was the three aspects of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit as seen in creation, re-creation and creativity.  With Trinity Sunday at the beginning of June, it seems right to set aside my next three meanderings to ponder on these important themes.

So let us turn to the Father, the Creator of all that is and the emphasis in the Genesis story on God making space or separating out aspects of his creation.  Without separating light from the darkness on Day 1, the sun, moon and stars would have had no place on Day 4.  Without separating the waters above and below on Day 2, there would have been no space for birds and fish on Day 5.  Without separating the dry land from the water on Day 3, there would have been no space for animals and humans on Day 6.  God had a holiday on Day 7; he rested and blessed the time that he separated from his work.  OK, it may be highly symbolic, but there is progression and order in the development of the natural world.

For us to progress in who we are and in what we do, there needs to be a similar pattern.  It may simply be in taking holidays to recover from our daily tasks or it may be in specific training to help us grow and be more effective at work.  It may be in time away from our routine, an opportunity for secondment to another position for exploring something new.  Creation depends on there being space, a blank canvas on which to paint, space for new growth to take place, a supportive environment with subsidised facilities in which to grow a business such as exists at the Science Park in Wolverhampton, a retreat for spiritual renewal; we all benefit from such spaces.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit, as it was and is
and is to come, world without end.

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