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October 2008

Imagine losing both parents at an early age, then having your family divided by the younger ones being sent off to an orphanage, your older brother getting gradually weaker and weaker as he slowly succumbed to AIDS … and finally to see your new home, the orphanage and all that you own in the world, being ravaged by fire. That’s the story line of a true story captured most ably in an award-winning film “We are together” shown in August on Channel 4 – did you see it? If not, catch up on their website – you will not be disappointed.

It’s an incredible piece of work and shows the power that music can bring. “Singing is the one thing that everyone can do at once. We can’t all speak at once, but we can all sing at once” … and that’s what the children at the AGAPE orphanage do; every day when they come home from school, they get together and sing. They make a CD and they go to New York to sing to raise awareness, but above all they capture our souls as we listen to the rhythms and the voices drawing us ever closer to their hearts.

Music can carry the heartbeat of life, the sorrow of despair and disappointment, the joy of achievement and the peace that comes from being together at one with the source of life. It affirms the love that we share; it recognises reconciliation after conflict as discord resolves into harmony and it inspires us to live adventurously as melodies lift us to new heights. How can I keep from singing when it expresses all these things and carries me along through all the changing scenes of life?

One of the things that I enjoy every week is getting together with my friends and singing songs from around the world. Singing only with other voices as accompaniment brings us closer together as we rely on one another for notes and for rhythms. We are encouraged towards balance as we listen to each other and pick up our leads from what others are singing. There is opportunity for solo performance as well as the blending of individual voices and for the fullness of everyone playing their part in a rich tapestry of sound … and it is amazing how much we can support and affirm each other just by being there.

When we bring the whole of life into our worship in church every Sunday, the choristers’ prayer that the choir uses in the vestry is a good one to bring us all together:

Bless O Lord
us Thy servants who minister in Thy temple.
Grant that what we sing with our lips,
we may believe in our hearts,
and what we believe in our hearts,
we may show forth in our live,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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