Faith at Work XLV

April 2008

Last month we were thinking about contracts that come to an end and are not renewed either because they have run their full term or because the money has run out.  But what if they are not renewed because the work can be done much more cheaply elsewhere.  With the growth of the economies of Eastern Europe and the Far East, that has become increasingly common over the last few years.  Even with “Buy British” and “British is Best” campaigns, it is almost inevitable that the cause is lost before we start because of market pressure; it seems that we can do little about it however much our inclinations are to keep jobs at home.  Loyalty to the cause sometimes just doesn’t make economic sense.

It makes it even harder when our work is not at all redundant.  Sometimes the equipment that we use, or the techniques that we have, become part of the deal and are traded off to some remote place simply to make the activity pay for itself.  We might even find ourselves in the unenviable position of teaching someone else, maybe less able and certainly less expensive, how to do our job.  Or we might be expected to make sure that a process is working well before having the equipment shipped out for someone else to look after – that’s hard to swallow, but I expect it happens quite a lot; it happened to our engineering team six years ago.  We invited the people who were continuing our work to come and see how we did it and to give them our tools and techniques before our doors were closed and we were out of work.

In a way, that is what happened to Jesus 2000 years ago.  He spent three years teaching and healing those who needed his support; his ministry or “business” was flourishing by the time the authorities felt that he was too much of a threat and had him tried and put to death.  But he had secured the future of his work by building up a team of disciples who knew that his form of ministry, and his intimate connection to his heavenly Father, was vital to the growth of the new movement.  After his death, his disciples found it hard to get going again – any sudden change always takes a lot of getting used to, particularly when there has been a reliance on someone who is no longer there, but his continuing spiritual presence gave them confidence and strength, so let us pray:

for those who are unemployed
or facing redundancy
who need to hear an affirming
“Yes! You are chosen.”
Lord, come close to all
who need help with the burdens of life
Come carry the load
Come ease the pain
Come and be a presence alongside us.

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