Faith at Work LVI

March 2009

As we enter Lent, we focus on earthly things and what traps us in this life; we ponder how to reach up to heaven. A good friend of mine from nearly thirty years ago, Ted Matchett, put it this way; that we need to “Make Media plus Matter Meaningful in the immediate Moment.” Ted liked to have everything in order and in this case he used a series of words beginning with “M”, some more obvious than others; Media was the word that he was least happy with.

When we refer to Media, we often mean the press, the papers and what comes on to our screens. Mostly it’s gloom that seems to be covered and during this credit crunch, we hear or read about our financial “crisis” or “recession” or of jobs being lost in what we once thought were secure industries. When Ted used the term Media, what he meant was the spiritual aspects of our lives, those times and places when we feel that we have become close to God and are uplifted, that we are influenced and inspired by the Holy Spirit around or within us. The physical world, that Ted called Matter, is in need of enlightenment by Media, especially in these difficult times.

I don’t know what plans are being made for the summer this year; perhaps I should ask. Very good and productive links have been made with the local schools and colleges by the engineering factory that I visit at Hadley Castle near Telford. Early last year a brick wall, maybe a hundred metres long, was made good and rendered with a quality finish. It seemed strange at the time, but all became clear later on when hundreds of school children came on site during the summer holidays and decorated it to their own design. They had a whale of a time; the wall is extremely colourful and is a lasting tribute to an effective collaboration between school and a local workplace. Even the mayor came to witness the work and to express his gratitude for the project. The community has been strengthened by the opportunity to work together.

I would want to say that the idea to decorate this wall probably came from a flash of inspiration, a sudden insight from the Media world, as Ted would say. He penned a poem to describe such experiences – it goes like this, and we can pray to be guided in a similar way:

Let us make a thing of beauty
that long may live when we are gone;
Let us make a thing of beauty
that hungry souls may feast upon;
whether it be wood or marble
music, art or poetry,
let us make a thing of beauty
to help set man’s bound spirit free.

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