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July 2009

I was offered a Jaffa-cake the other day as I went around one of the workplaces that I visit; the rest of the packet though was not shared, it was needed apparently to provide energy for my hostís next activity, refereeing a rugby match! Itís interesting to find out how complex a personís lifestyle can be. I ask people about the work that they do sometimes and I find that it helps them when they define how they are engaged with the aims of the company. Sometimes though, I find out about what they do after work, being involved with their children or their grandchildren, going off fishing, shooting or cycling; sometimes what they do is at a very high standard, the cyclist who was taking on a relay team of four other cyclists in a race to the Welsh coast for example; he was very confident of winning too!

Another good example I can remember comes from years ago when the new GKN facility in Detroit was being opened. The celebrations included a full-scale concert with a piano concerto and the guest soloist was none other than the Chairman of the GKN group. He was clearly devoted both to maintaining his skills as a concert pianist and combining that with the running of a large group of companies. We are not all blessed with such a wide range of talents, being highly proficient in several, completely different skills, but we do all share a complex range of abilities, some of which deserve to be drawn out more than they are.

We are often surprised to learn of past or present achievements of friends and colleagues. At our recent clergy conference, Bishop Jonathan commended Bishop Clive for his recent century as Lichfield had beaten their formidable rivals Birmingham at cricket. Life isnít exclusively dictated by our ďday-jobĒ and itís worth remembering how rich and varied life can be Ö and it is who we are, or who we can be, that makes us surprising people. The secret to living adventurous lives is the knowledge that God is always with us supporting and inspiring us.

As we move into the long Trinity season, we think first of God the Father, creator and preserver of all mankind, master of complexity, the ground of all our being, and so we pray, with Leith Fisher:

God, our gifts we lay before you,
gifts of hand and heart and mind;
these we offer to adore you -
may you ever in us find
willing hands for costly giving,
spirits faithful, spirits true,
shaping in our daily living
gifts of worth to honour you.

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