Faith at Work LXII

September 2009

One of the most characteristic features of today’s world is the means we have to communicate; we call it the Information Age sometimes and that is built on the technology we have developed to spread our good will throughout the world. I was listening to a Twitter experiment by one of the marketing guys I know at the Science Park a few weeks ago. Once he gets up to 5000 contacts on his online population, he is going to offer a free brand spanking new logo for the lucky company he draws from his “fans” … and a lot of the marketing push these days is very focussed. It is often based on our habits and desires, some of them given away by the meanderings that we make on the World Wide Web. Supermarkets do the same by stocking what people are most likely to buy based on sales patterns that derive from data collected at the checkout. We would probably be surprised just how much is known about us.

I wonder if you have been following our church activities and making friends through our facebook group, “St. Nicholas Church, Codsall” yet (sign-up at and search for it; it’s open for anyone who wants to be linked with our church). It all began just before the Weekend Away in June and it is there for photos, insights, opportunities to say hello, all sorts of things – have a look if you haven’t already and be part of that emerging scene. One of its fascinations is the immediacy of it – in moments you can catch up with what others are doing, whether it is “avoiding rain”, getting high scores on Bejeweled Blitz (whatever that is), wishing others “Happy Birthday”, reliving highs, creating new opportunities or initiating topical debates. It will no doubt have a life of its own and will draw people in provided that it is seen as worthwhile in its own right.

It seems to me that the Holy Spirit, as the ultimate messenger, operates in a similar way, little nudges inside us, flashes of inspiration to get us going, connecting us with others, supporting us in all those things that get us down and much more. That reminds me of the traditional song which someone wanted to have at their wedding last month, “This little light of mine”. The verses give some clues about how the Spirit can shine through us wherever we are, whatever we do and whoever we are at any time, so let us pray together:

On Monday he gave me the gift of love,
Tuesday peace came from above.
On Wednesday he told me to have a little more faith,
on Thursday he gave me a little more grace.
On Friday we told me to watch and pray,
on Saturday he told me just what to say,
on Sunday he gave me the power divine
to let my little light shine.

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