Faith at Work LXIX

April 2010

Last month we thought about watching with a view to learning particular skills. Along with the watching, there is an active waiting as we look forward to being able to practice our new abilities. This month, we will focus on the waiting and next month on walking tall in the way that we have learnt.

This process fits in well with the tradition of learning about the Christian Faith during Lent, so that we enter the Easter season in a new light. In olden times, the Lenten discipline for some led to being admitted as new members of the Church at Easter Ė we still provide opportunities to join study groups during Lent as we wait and prepare for Christís death and resurrection at Easter. We make a point of following the last week of Christís life closely as we hold our Holy Week services and prepare for our celebrations on Easter Day. The waiting does not stop there. Jesus promised that, after his death and resurrection at Easter, he would send his Holy Spirit to empower his disciples at Pentecost; in between, they had to wait.

It can be difficult to wait patiently but it is important to be prepared for what is to come. Some of those that I visit week by week have expressed their view that going into recession has been hard, but that coming out of it may be even harder. Those who have lost their jobs will certainly have found it very hard and wait in faith for new work, leaving no stone unturned in their search for something that will exercise their skills; those still in work waiting for the upturn have been retraining and tuning the business so that there is greater flexibility and ability to respond quickly to new opportunities. Work will have been undertaken in the hope of demonstrating new capabilities and encouraging new orders. Balancing all this with limited resources is not easy. It has to be done with the confident expectation of fulfilling market needs despite inadequate forecasts.

Expectant parents have a similar range of things to do as they wait for their term to be fulfilled: mothers need to stay fit and well as the baby grows inside them and to prepare for the birth; parents develop themselves and their home to be ready for the demands and challenges of the newborn child; others get drawn in by knitting or sharing in the gathering of all the paraphernalia to support the new addition to their family; their waiting is a very active time.

So, whatever we wait for, let us pray:

Help us, Lord, to become still and know you,
to wait in faith for your light, and
in expectation of your strength,
may we be fulfilled.

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