Faith at Work LXX

May 2010

Itís good to keep associated with some part of our past life and to know that itís in good hands, isnít it? Some of us do that by becoming ďFriendsĒ of a particular organisation, maybe providing financial support; some of us by keeping in touch with some of our colleagues or staff; some of us by receiving our pension from the scheme that our employer invited us to join and any publications that go with it.

I have just received the latest copy of Nonesuch, the magazine that is distributed to past members of the University of Bristol, where I once studied Ė it is a way of keeping up to date with some of the things that are going on, although it is necessarily a small snapshot. It is good to know that they still have ambitious plans. I was interested in two articles: the first was an interview with the current vice-chancellor who, during our centenary last year, has written a letter to his equivalent post-holder in 2109 giving him insights about university life as it is now, and maybe some tips (he wouldnít say exactly what he had written; he wanted it fresh when opened!).

The second was not so much an article, but an announcement that the South West has been chosen as the home of the National Composites Centre and the University will partner industry in developing it. That raised an interesting question in my mind. Do we need more carbon or less? Part of my studies at Bristol involved testing the mechanical properties of carbon-reinforced plastic Ė I donít need convincing that it is a superb material and worthy of a Centre that will further its applications. Iíve spent some of my time working with advanced materials and itís good to know that progress is continuing. Others may be able to feed much more into current developments that they once had a hand in.

Itís also good to be able to build on good foundations set by those going before us and to recognise their contributions in what helps to define our path. It occurs to me that this process was taking place with the early disciples. Jesus had a fundamental hand in getting the movement going, but he was reliant on the belief that the disciples had in him. They were happy to walk with him as he went about teaching and healing; they were less inclined to when he came to a sticky end on Good Friday. The Easter experience reinvigorated them and convinced them of their future role, walking the way of the cross, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and passing on the Good News to anyone who would listen.

So, we pray:

Eternal God,
whose son Jesus Christ is the way
the truth and the life: help us to walk in his way,
to rejoice in his truth,
and to share his risen life.

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